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Misspelt domain name in site URL config - Urgent Help Needed

Using Concrete Setting the URL in site config file in System & Settings. I am now unable to edit my site or even log out of Edit mode. Correct domain: www.magiccarclean.com.au, accidently entered www.magiccarcean.com.au. How can I fix this giv…

Full sitemap doesn't load

I am running version The full sitemap on the dashboard no longer loads. It briefly displays "loading" and then shows no results. The flat view shows "home" and the search function works. I cannot pinpoint any changes that I made to cause this. A…

connect to community

My site says in admin that project is connected to community, but logged in in community account says NO projects. How do i connect my project (5.7.3 version) to my concrete 5 community account?


I've inherited the job of webmaster from a a volunteer who recently resigned. I'm not very familiar with concrete. I've made a lot of changes to the webpages, without issue. Then, all of a sudden, I cannot edit the home page; I can still edit subpages,…

Page Location not showing

Hi everyone, When I upgraded Concret5 to "Page Location" field is not showing anymore. I tried to delete and set up new "Page Type" still I do not see page location in Composer View. The main issue I am facing due to this is I am not able …

Legacy edition - menubar not showing

I have all the necessary things in place: - C5 execute defined - header include in elements/header - footer include in elements/footer and default - server running PHP5.6.33 - running as encrypted site (https) No javascript console errors (apart f…

Big Problem with Blog Default Page Settings

I have a huge error with my Blog default page design Please see attached the error that comes up. I have blogs on my page that arent showing up and I cant change the style of the page. Im totally out of practice.

.so files

I am getting errors because the program cannot locate the .so files and functions. Where are they located? This happened after my site was transferred to another host.

Form Emails

I am trying to get the form emails to go to me and to my client. I entered both emails in the form but my log shows the forms are being emailed only to me but not to my client. When I remove my email, it still will not go to my client's email address.

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