Database Error moving from dev server to live server

After weeks of developing I'm now trying to move my concrete5 website from my local xampp server to a paid host. I found and followed this tutorial:

I've followed every step in detail. After finishing the guide I went ahead and test the homepage, however it is giving me two unexpected errors:

An exception occurred while executing 'select pkgID, pkgName, pkgIsInstalled, pkgDescription, pkgVersion, pkgHandle, pkgDateInstalled from Packages where pkgIsInstalled = ? order by pkgID asc' with params [1]: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'pgqr288820_concrete5.Packages' doesn't exist

Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'pgqr288820_concrete5.Logs' doesn't exist' in /home/pgqr288820/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/pgqr288820/domains/ PDOStatement->execute(Array) #1 /home/pgqr288820/domains/ Doctrine\DBAL\Statement->execute(Array) #2 /home/pgqr288820/domains/ Concrete\Core\Logging\Handler\DatabaseHandler->write(Array) #3 /home/pgqr288820/domains/ Monolog\Handler\AbstractProcessingHandler->handle(Array) #4 /home/pgqr288820/domains/

I've checked on my live server's phpmyadmin, both tabels packages and logs are present. What can I do? I appreciate any comments, thanks in advance.

My concrete5 version is 5.7.2

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WebcentricLtd replied on at Permalink Reply
is there a possibility you've been caught out by case sensitivity differences between the mysql on your local instance and your webserver?

If your webserver is Linux based then your table names should be camel cased - on windows they are generally all lower case.

If this is the case you'll need to make sure your tables are correctly named.

I don't think there is currently an add-on in 5.7 to help with this.
hawkagent replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your reply, that seems to be it. I changed the table name from 'packages' to 'Packages', it now gives another table error, and so on.

It's a shame that concrete5 has such low flexibility, if I had known this I wouldn't develop my website on Windows.

I could manually rename all table names but some table names should start with a capital, e.g. Packages, some don't, e.g. btNavigation, so it's gonna take alot of work to rename all 250 tables. Is there a faster way to do this?
WebcentricLtd replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't think so. With 5.6 there was an addon that helped with this but I just checked and it hadn't been ported yet.

I don't know if you could:

set myql in your xampp installation to respect case and restart xampp
do a blank install of a new C5 instance so you now have a vanilla db with the table names correctly cased

reset MySQL in your xampp installation to ignore case, restart xampp and then restore your site database into your vanilla one so you have your site db info inside the new correctly named tables ?????

You wouldn't do any of the above on your webserver. I've never tried it and don't know if it would work - but if it does it would be much quicker and less error prone than renaming all of the tables on your webserver so might be worth a try.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
For future projects, you can configure XAMPP to use the proper table name case.
In the my.ini file add the line:
lower_case_table_names = 0

This might be an option.

I will take a look at updating this for you.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
First thing, the warning:
- back up your database to a safe place before using these scripts
- use at your own risk

To make a SQL script:
1. made a fresh concrete install
2. copied all the table names from phpMyAdmin
3. used a text editor to recreate jordanlev's rename_mysql_tables_5411.sql script
syntax example - RENAME TABLE areagroupblocktypes TO AreaGroupBlockTypes;

* the script didn't work, each attempt triggered the "#1050 - Table 'table_name_x' already exists" error

4. tried again using different syntax
syntax example - ALTER TABLE areapermissionassignments RENAME AreaPermissionAssignments;

* the script didn't work, same #1050 error

5. as a workaround, I made a script that added the number 8 to the end of each lower case table
syntax example - RENAME TABLE arealayoutcolumns TO arealayoutcolumns8;
6. from here I was able to rename the table to the CamelCase version
syntax - RENAME TABLE arealayoutcolumns8 TO AreaLayoutColumns;

There will be 2 steps:
1. use the first script that adds 8 to the end of the lower case table name
2. use the second script to convert the lower case table name + 8 to CamelCase

After running the scripts, you will have to go through and look for custom tables from packages or homemade blocks. These will have to be changed by hand.

My knowledge of MySQL is thin, so I am sure there are better ways to do this. This method works though, I triple checked it.
hawkagent replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Thanks for your reply and effort, it inspired me to extract the correct table names from a fresh install. I've used a macro program to write a fix. It seems this problem has been going around for many versions of concrete5 now, it's kinda disappointing it hasn't been mentioned in the starter's guide. IMO all table names should be lower case in future releases to avoid this total unnecessary problem.

The SQL query to fix the no-more-ignore-case problem for concrete 5.7.2:

rename table `arealayoutcolumns` to `AreaLayoutColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutcustomcolumns` to `AreaLayoutCustomColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutpresets` to `AreaLayoutPresets`;
rename table `arealayouts` to `AreaLayouts`;
rename table `arealayoutthemegridcolumns` to `AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns`;
rename table `areapermissionassignments` to `AreaPermissionAssignments`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom`;
rename table `areas` to `Areas`;
rename table `ataddress` to `atAddress`;
rename table `ataddresscustomcountries` to `atAddressCustomCountries`;
rename table `ataddresssettings` to `atAddressSettings`;
rename table `atboolean` to `atBoolean`;
rename table `atbooleansettings` to `atBooleanSettings`;
rename table `atdatetime` to `atDateTime`;
jchatkinson replied on at Permalink Reply
The query worked great for my site... Thanks for sharing it!
deanbonnici replied on at Permalink Reply
Awesome. Thank you for sharing. Saved us too!
jmcgarvey replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! Much appreciated.
Chuy2042 replied on at Permalink Reply
hawkagent replied on at Permalink Reply
Updated for

rename table `arealayoutcolumns` to `AreaLayoutColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutcustomcolumns` to `AreaLayoutCustomColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutpresets` to `AreaLayoutPresets`;
rename table `arealayouts` to `AreaLayouts`;
rename table `arealayoutthemegridcolumns` to `AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns`;
rename table `areapermissionassignments` to `AreaPermissionAssignments`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom`;
rename table `areas` to `Areas`;
rename table `ataddress` to `atAddress`;
rename table `ataddresscustomcountries` to `atAddressCustomCountries`;
rename table `ataddresssettings` to `atAddressSettings`;
rename table `atboolean` to `atBoolean`;
rename table `atbooleansettings` to `atBooleanSettings`;
rename table `atdatetime` to `atDateTime`;
SmoothPixel replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks @hawkagent for sharing an updated version - really saved my bacon today!
ranvijaykumarb replied on at Permalink Reply
Find updated for Concrete5.7.4.2

5 new tables were added for rename.(`multilingualpagerelations`, `multilingualsections` and `multilingualtranslations`, `conversationpermissionaddmessageaccesslist` and `conversationsubscriptions`)

rename table `arealayoutcolumns` to `AreaLayoutColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutcustomcolumns` to `AreaLayoutCustomColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutpresets` to `AreaLayoutPresets`;
rename table `arealayouts` to `AreaLayouts`;
rename table `arealayoutthemegridcolumns` to `AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns`;
rename table `areapermissionassignments` to `AreaPermissionAssignments`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom`;
rename table `areas` to `Areas`;
rename table `ataddress` to `atAddress`;
rename table `ataddresscustomcountries` to `atAddressCustomCountries`;
rename table `ataddresssettings` to `atAddressSettings`;
rename table `atboolean` to `atBoolean`;
rename table `atbooleansettings` to `atBooleanSettings`;
rename table `atdatetime` to `atDateTime`;
hayaka26 replied on at Permalink Reply
For concrete5.7.5.6
rename table `arealayoutcolumns` to `AreaLayoutColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutcustomcolumns` to `AreaLayoutCustomColumns`;
rename table `arealayoutpresets` to `AreaLayoutPresets`;
rename table `arealayouts` to `AreaLayouts`;
rename table `arealayoutsusingpresets` to `AreaLayoutsUsingPresets`;
rename table `arealayoutthemegridcolumns` to `AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns`;
rename table `areapermissionassignments` to `AreaPermissionAssignments`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList`;
rename table `areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom` to `AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom`;
rename table `areas` to `Areas`;
rename table `ataddress` to `atAddress`;
rename table `ataddresscustomcountries` to `atAddressCustomCountries`;
rename table `ataddresssettings` to `atAddressSettings`;
rename table `atboolean` to `atBoolean`;
rename table `atbooleansettings` to `atBooleanSettings`;
serdarde replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi friends,

I have got the same error and thanks to "SHOW TABLES" and PHP's foreach I creeated this sql for 5.7

Before this action PLEASE backup your DB.

Dont forget there will be some custom tables from in db. You can rename them by yourself easily.

RENAME TABLE arealayoutcolumns TO AreaLayoutColumns;
RENAME TABLE arealayoutcustomcolumns TO AreaLayoutCustomColumns;
RENAME TABLE arealayoutpresets TO AreaLayoutPresets;
RENAME TABLE arealayoutthemegridcolumns TO AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns;
RENAME TABLE arealayouts TO AreaLayouts;
RENAME TABLE arealayoutsusingpresets TO AreaLayoutsUsingPresets;
RENAME TABLE areapermissionassignments TO AreaPermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist TO AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList;
RENAME TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom TO AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE areas TO Areas;
RENAME TABLE attributekeycategories TO AttributeKeyCategories;
RENAME TABLE attributekeys TO AttributeKeys;
RENAME TABLE attributesetkeys TO AttributeSetKeys;
RENAME TABLE attributesets TO AttributeSets;
RENAME TABLE attributetypecategories TO AttributeTypeCategories;
RENAME TABLE attributetypes TO AttributeTypes;
RENAME TABLE attributevalues TO AttributeValues;
RENAME TABLE authenticationtypes TO AuthenticationTypes;
RENAME TABLE bannedwords TO BannedWords;
RENAME TABLE basicworkflowpermissionassignments TO BasicWorkflowPermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE basicworkflowprogressdata TO BasicWorkflowProgressData;
RENAME TABLE blockfeatureassignments TO BlockFeatureAssignments;
RENAME TABLE blockpermissionassignments TO BlockPermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE blockrelations TO BlockRelations;
RENAME TABLE blocktypepermissionblocktypeaccesslist TO BlockTypePermissionBlockTypeAccessList;
RENAME TABLE blocktypepermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom TO BlockTypePermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE blocktypesetblocktypes TO BlockTypeSetBlockTypes;
RENAME TABLE blocktypesets TO BlockTypeSets;
RENAME TABLE blocktypes TO BlockTypes;
RENAME TABLE blocks TO Blocks;
RENAME TABLE collectionattributevalues TO CollectionAttributeValues;
RENAME TABLE collectionsearchindexattributes TO CollectionSearchIndexAttributes;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionareastyles TO CollectionVersionAreaStyles;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionblockstyles TO CollectionVersionBlockStyles;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionblocks TO CollectionVersionBlocks;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionblockscachesettings TO CollectionVersionBlocksCacheSettings;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionblocksoutputcache TO CollectionVersionBlocksOutputCache;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionfeatureassignments TO CollectionVersionFeatureAssignments;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionrelatededits TO CollectionVersionRelatedEdits;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionthemecustomstyles TO CollectionVersionThemeCustomStyles;
RENAME TABLE collectionversions TO CollectionVersions;
RENAME TABLE collections TO Collections;
RENAME TABLE config TO Config;
RENAME TABLE configstore TO ConfigStore;
RENAME TABLE conversationdiscussions TO ConversationDiscussions;
RENAME TABLE conversationeditors TO ConversationEditors;
RENAME TABLE conversationfeaturedetailassignments TO ConversationFeatureDetailAssignments;
RENAME TABLE conversationflaggedmessagetypes TO ConversationFlaggedMessageTypes;
RENAME TABLE conversationflaggedmessages TO ConversationFlaggedMessages;
RENAME TABLE conversationmessageattachments TO ConversationMessageAttachments;
RENAME TABLE conversationmessageratings TO ConversationMessageRatings;
RENAME TABLE conversationmessages TO ConversationMessages;
RENAME TABLE conversationpermissionaddmessageaccesslist TO ConversationPermissionAddMessageAccessList;
RENAME TABLE conversationpermissionassignments TO ConversationPermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE conversationratingtypes TO ConversationRatingTypes;
RENAME TABLE conversationsubscriptions TO ConversationSubscriptions;
RENAME TABLE conversations TO Conversations;
RENAME TABLE downloadstatistics TO DownloadStatistics;
RENAME TABLE featureassignments TO FeatureAssignments;
RENAME TABLE featurecategories TO FeatureCategories;
RENAME TABLE features TO Features;
RENAME TABLE fileattributevalues TO FileAttributeValues;
RENAME TABLE fileimagethumbnailpaths TO FileImageThumbnailPaths;
RENAME TABLE fileimagethumbnailtypes TO FileImageThumbnailTypes;
RENAME TABLE filepermissionassignments TO FilePermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE filepermissionfiletypes TO FilePermissionFileTypes;
RENAME TABLE filesearchindexattributes TO FileSearchIndexAttributes;
RENAME TABLE filesetfiles TO FileSetFiles;
RENAME TABLE filesetpermissionassignments TO FileSetPermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE filesetpermissionfiletypeaccesslist TO FileSetPermissionFileTypeAccessList;
RENAME TABLE filesetpermissionfiletypeaccesslistcustom TO FileSetPermissionFileTypeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE filesetsavedsearches TO FileSetSavedSearches;
RENAME TABLE filesets TO FileSets;
RENAME TABLE filestoragelocationtypes TO FileStorageLocationTypes;
RENAME TABLE filestoragelocations TO FileStorageLocations;
RENAME TABLE fileversionlog TO FileVersionLog;
RENAME TABLE fileversions TO FileVersions;
RENAME TABLE files TO Files;
RENAME TABLE gatheringconfigureddatasources TO GatheringConfiguredDataSources;
RENAME TABLE gatheringdatasources TO GatheringDataSources;
RENAME TABLE gatheringitemfeatureassignments TO GatheringItemFeatureAssignments;
RENAME TABLE gatheringitemselectedtemplates TO GatheringItemSelectedTemplates;
RENAME TABLE gatheringitemtemplatefeatures TO GatheringItemTemplateFeatures;
RENAME TABLE gatheringitemtemplatetypes TO GatheringItemTemplateTypes;
RENAME TABLE gatheringitemtemplates TO GatheringItemTemplates;
RENAME TABLE gatheringitems TO GatheringItems;
RENAME TABLE gatheringpermissionassignments TO GatheringPermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE gatherings TO Gatherings;
RENAME TABLE groupsetgroups TO GroupSetGroups;
RENAME TABLE groupsets TO GroupSets;
RENAME TABLE groups TO Groups;
RENAME TABLE jobsetjobs TO JobSetJobs;
RENAME TABLE jobsets TO JobSets;
RENAME TABLE jobslog TO JobsLog;
RENAME TABLE mailimporters TO MailImporters;
RENAME TABLE mailvalidationhashes TO MailValidationHashes;
RENAME TABLE multilingualpagerelations TO MultilingualPageRelations;
RENAME TABLE multilingualsections TO MultilingualSections;
RENAME TABLE multilingualtranslations TO MultilingualTranslations;
RENAME TABLE oauthusermap TO OauthUserMap;
RENAME TABLE packages TO Packages;
RENAME TABLE pagefeeds TO PageFeeds;
RENAME TABLE pagepaths TO PagePaths;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionassignments TO PagePermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionpagetypeaccesslist TO PagePermissionPageTypeAccessList;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionpagetypeaccesslistcustom TO PagePermissionPageTypeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionpropertyaccesslist TO PagePermissionPropertyAccessList;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionpropertyattributeaccesslistcustom TO PagePermissionPropertyAttributeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionthemeaccesslist TO PagePermissionThemeAccessList;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionthemeaccesslistcustom TO PagePermissionThemeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE pagesearchindex TO PageSearchIndex;
RENAME TABLE pagetemplates TO PageTemplates;
RENAME TABLE pagethemecustomstyles TO PageThemeCustomStyles;
RENAME TABLE pagethemes TO PageThemes;
RENAME TABLE pagetypecomposercontroltypes TO PageTypeComposerControlTypes;
RENAME TABLE pagetypecomposerformlayoutsetcontrols TO PageTypeComposerFormLayoutSetControls;
RENAME TABLE pagetypecomposerformlayoutsets TO PageTypeComposerFormLayoutSets;
RENAME TABLE pagetypecomposeroutputblocks TO PageTypeComposerOutputBlocks;
RENAME TABLE pagetypecomposeroutputcontrols TO PageTypeComposerOutputControls;
RENAME TABLE pagetypepagetemplatedefaultpages TO PageTypePageTemplateDefaultPages;
RENAME TABLE pagetypepagetemplates TO PageTypePageTemplates;
RENAME TABLE pagetypepermissionassignments TO PageTypePermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE pagetypepublishtargettypes TO PageTypePublishTargetTypes;
RENAME TABLE pagetypes TO PageTypes;
RENAME TABLE pageworkflowprogress TO PageWorkflowProgress;
RENAME TABLE pages TO Pages;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccess TO PermissionAccess;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccessentities TO PermissionAccessEntities;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccessentitygroupsets TO PermissionAccessEntityGroupSets;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccessentitygroups TO PermissionAccessEntityGroups;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccessentitytypecategories TO PermissionAccessEntityTypeCategories;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccessentitytypes TO PermissionAccessEntityTypes;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccessentityusers TO PermissionAccessEntityUsers;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccesslist TO PermissionAccessList;
RENAME TABLE permissionaccessworkflows TO PermissionAccessWorkflows;
RENAME TABLE permissionassignments TO PermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE permissiondurationobjects TO PermissionDurationObjects;
RENAME TABLE permissionkeycategories TO PermissionKeyCategories;
RENAME TABLE permissionkeys TO PermissionKeys;
RENAME TABLE pilecontents TO PileContents;
RENAME TABLE piles TO Piles;
RENAME TABLE queuemessages TO QueueMessages;
RENAME TABLE queuepageduplicationrelations TO QueuePageDuplicationRelations;
RENAME TABLE queues TO Queues;
RENAME TABLE sessions TO Sessions;
RENAME TABLE signuprequests TO SignupRequests;
RENAME TABLE sociallinks TO SocialLinks;
RENAME TABLE stacks TO Stacks;
RENAME TABLE stylecustomizercustomcssrecords TO StyleCustomizerCustomCssRecords;
RENAME TABLE stylecustomizerinlinestylepresets TO StyleCustomizerInlineStylePresets;
RENAME TABLE stylecustomizerinlinestylesets TO StyleCustomizerInlineStyleSets;
RENAME TABLE stylecustomizervaluelists TO StyleCustomizerValueLists;
RENAME TABLE stylecustomizervalues TO StyleCustomizerValues;
RENAME TABLE systemantispamlibraries TO SystemAntispamLibraries;
RENAME TABLE systemcaptchalibraries TO SystemCaptchaLibraries;
RENAME TABLE systemcontenteditorsnippets TO SystemContentEditorSnippets;
RENAME TABLE systemdatabasemigrations TO SystemDatabaseMigrations;
RENAME TABLE systemdatabasequerylog TO SystemDatabaseQueryLog;
RENAME TABLE topictrees TO TopicTrees;
RENAME TABLE treecategorynodes TO TreeCategoryNodes;
RENAME TABLE treegroupnodes TO TreeGroupNodes;
RENAME TABLE treenodepermissionassignments TO TreeNodePermissionAssignments;
RENAME TABLE treenodetypes TO TreeNodeTypes;
RENAME TABLE treenodes TO TreeNodes;
RENAME TABLE treetopicnodes TO TreeTopicNodes;
RENAME TABLE treetypes TO TreeTypes;
RENAME TABLE trees TO Trees;
RENAME TABLE userattributekeys TO UserAttributeKeys;
RENAME TABLE userattributevalues TO UserAttributeValues;
RENAME TABLE userbannedips TO UserBannedIPs;
RENAME TABLE usergroups TO UserGroups;
RENAME TABLE userpermissioneditpropertyaccesslist TO UserPermissionEditPropertyAccessList;
RENAME TABLE userpermissioneditpropertyattributeaccesslistcustom TO UserPermissionEditPropertyAttributeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE userpermissionviewattributeaccesslist TO UserPermissionViewAttributeAccessList;
RENAME TABLE userpermissionviewattributeaccesslistcustom TO UserPermissionViewAttributeAccessListCustom;
RENAME TABLE userpointactions TO UserPointActions;
RENAME TABLE userpointhistory TO UserPointHistory;
RENAME TABLE userprivatemessages TO UserPrivateMessages;
RENAME TABLE userprivatemessagesto TO UserPrivateMessagesTo;
RENAME TABLE usersearchindexattributes TO UserSearchIndexAttributes;
RENAME TABLE uservalidationhashes TO UserValidationHashes;
RENAME TABLE users TO Users;
RENAME TABLE workflowprogress TO WorkflowProgress;
RENAME TABLE workflowprogresscategories TO WorkflowProgressCategories;
RENAME TABLE workflowprogresshistory TO WorkflowProgressHistory;
RENAME TABLE workflowrequestobjects TO WorkflowRequestObjects;
RENAME TABLE workflowtypes TO WorkflowTypes;
RENAME TABLE workflows TO Workflows;
RENAME TABLE ataddress TO atAddress;
RENAME TABLE ataddresscustomcountries TO atAddressCustomCountries;
RENAME TABLE ataddresssettings TO atAddressSettings;
RENAME TABLE atboolean TO atBoolean;
RENAME TABLE atbooleansettings TO atBooleanSettings;
RENAME TABLE atdatetime TO atDateTime;
RENAME TABLE atdatetimesettings TO atDateTimeSettings;
RENAME TABLE atdefault TO atDefault;
RENAME TABLE atfile TO atFile;
RENAME TABLE atnumber TO atNumber;
RENAME TABLE atselectoptions TO atSelectOptions;
RENAME TABLE atselectoptionsselected TO atSelectOptionsSelected;
RENAME TABLE atselectsettings TO atSelectSettings;
RENAME TABLE atselectedtopics TO atSelectedTopics;
RENAME TABLE atsociallinks TO atSocialLinks;
RENAME TABLE attextareasettings TO atTextareaSettings;
RENAME TABLE attopicsettings TO atTopicSettings;
RENAME TABLE authtypeconcretecookiemap TO authTypeConcreteCookieMap;
RENAME TABLE btcontentfile TO btContentFile;
RENAME TABLE btcontentimage TO btContentImage;
RENAME TABLE btcontentlocal TO btContentLocal;
RENAME TABLE btcorearealayout TO btCoreAreaLayout;
RENAME TABLE btcoreconversation TO btCoreConversation;
RENAME TABLE btcorepagetypecomposercontroloutput TO btCorePageTypeComposerControlOutput;
RENAME TABLE btcorescrapbookdisplay TO btCoreScrapbookDisplay;
RENAME TABLE btcorestackdisplay TO btCoreStackDisplay;
RENAME TABLE btdashboardnewsflowlatest TO btDashboardNewsflowLatest;
RENAME TABLE btdatenavigation TO btDateNavigation;
RENAME TABLE btexternalform TO btExternalForm;
RENAME TABLE btfaq TO btFaq;
RENAME TABLE btfaqentries TO btFaqEntries;
RENAME TABLE btfeature TO btFeature;
RENAME TABLE btform TO btForm;
RENAME TABLE btformanswerset TO btFormAnswerSet;
RENAME TABLE btformanswers TO btFormAnswers;
RENAME TABLE btformquestions TO btFormQuestions;
RENAME TABLE btgooglemap TO btGoogleMap;
RENAME TABLE btimageslider TO btImageSlider;
RENAME TABLE btimagesliderentries TO btImageSliderEntries;
RENAME TABLE btnavigation TO btNavigation;
RENAME TABLE btnextprevious TO btNextPrevious;
RENAME TABLE btpageattributedisplay TO btPageAttributeDisplay;
RENAME TABLE btpagelist TO btPageList;
RENAME TABLE btpagetitle TO btPageTitle;
RENAME TABLE btrssdisplay TO btRssDisplay;
RENAME TABLE btsearch TO btSearch;
RENAME TABLE btsharethispage TO btShareThisPage;
RENAME TABLE btsociallinks TO btSocialLinks;
RENAME TABLE btsurvey TO btSurvey;
RENAME TABLE btsurveyoptions TO btSurveyOptions;
RENAME TABLE btsurveyresults TO btSurveyResults;
RENAME TABLE btswitchlanguage TO btSwitchLanguage;
RENAME TABLE bttags TO btTags;
RENAME TABLE bttestimonial TO btTestimonial;
RENAME TABLE bttopiclist TO btTopicList;
RENAME TABLE btvideo TO btVideo;
RENAME TABLE btyoutube TO btYouTube;
RENAME TABLE gapage TO gaPage;
craveitla replied on at Permalink Reply
For version
ALTER TABLE arealayoutcolumns RENAME AreaLayoutColumns;
ALTER TABLE arealayoutcustomcolumns RENAME AreaLayoutCustomColumns;
ALTER TABLE arealayoutpresets RENAME AreaLayoutPresets;
ALTER TABLE arealayoutthemegridcolumns RENAME AreaLayoutThemeGridColumns;
ALTER TABLE arealayouts RENAME AreaLayouts;
ALTER TABLE arealayoutsusingpresets RENAME AreaLayoutsUsingPresets;
ALTER TABLE areapermissionassignments RENAME AreaPermissionAssignments;
ALTER TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslist RENAME AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessList;
ALTER TABLE areapermissionblocktypeaccesslistcustom RENAME AreaPermissionBlockTypeAccessListCustom;
ALTER TABLE attributekeycategories RENAME AttributeKeyCategories;
ALTER TABLE attributekeys RENAME AttributeKeys;
ALTER TABLE attributesetkeys RENAME AttributeSetKeys;
ALTER TABLE attributesets RENAME AttributeSets;
ALTER TABLE attributetypecategories RENAME AttributeTypeCategories;
craveitla replied on at Permalink Reply
In case someone needs a new table list. Here is the code