New C5 Block: Student Password for Online Course

This C5 block allows me to assign a specific password that automatically begins on a certain date, and then automatically ends on a certain date. Also, one website is available to multiple student passwords.

That's my Block Request. Thank you very much for your consideration and time. I greatly appreciate you!

mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I wonder whether you couldn't simply be using times user groups that concrete5 offers. You could make sure registering students are added to one specific group and you'd set that group to remove users either on a specific date or after a specific time span.

Then you'd make sure only users in that group have access to the content you want to protect.
tamarosher replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi. Thanks for commenting on my password request. I don't want the website users to see the back end of the website. I only want them to have permission to view and use the front end of the website, for a limited amount of time, with a start and end date. It was my understanding that giving permission in the back end was giving permission to see the back end. I greatly desire your help. I appreciate your time. Thank you.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
As @mnakalay has noted, you can achieve all you require by assigning students to a group for the course, then giving that group permission to see the front end pages.

The groups won't be able to see the dashboard bar or backend pages unless you give them permission to do so - which you won't.

In the documentation, the subject to read up on is 'Advanced Permissions'
tamarosher replied on at Permalink Reply
Dear John the Fish: Hello! Thanks for this information. It is marvelous. I didn't know I about it. This is wonderful. John the Fish, you are wonderful! Thanks for helping me. I am very appreciative that you and Mnakalay have graciously taken the time out of your own life to answer my forum question. I am thankful.