Date Navigation / timezone problem

I get different months for the Date Nav block and blog_entries

It works fine for the American timezones, but I get a month difference for European (and other) timezones.
Can anyone reproduce this ?

- blog entries created in October (Europe/Amsterdam timezone)
- timezone set to Europe/Amsterdam -> date nav only shows September
- timezone set to America/Los_angeles -> both show October

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WillemAnchor replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, found it, It's a little bug, I'll report it.

This is a link generated by the date nav block:
<a class="ccm-block-date-navigation-date-selected" href="http://- mytestsite - /index.php/blog/2015/01">december 2014</a>

In \concrete5.7.5.2\concrete\blocks\date_navigation\controller.php
public function getDateLabel($dateArray)
//        $date = strtotime($dateArray['year'] . '-' . $dateArray['month'] . '-01');
        $date = strtotime($dateArray['year'] . '-' . $dateArray['month'] . '-02');
        $srv = Core::make('helper/date');
        return $srv->date('F Y', $date);

Just take the 2nd day of the month...