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I need to display a line of text next to the postal code. Because its inside the address attribute i cant find the physical existance of this field.

anyone know where i should look.

thanks in advance

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ryan replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Override the address attribute:


Then modify: /models/attribute/types/address/form.php to your liking
Ricalsin replied on at Permalink Reply
...that would enable you to add your text line while the attribute is in the "form" mode. But to add text in the displaying of the attribute you would need to modify the "getDisplayValue" method within the same directory's controller file.
shotrox replied on at Permalink Reply
can you explain more about the getDisplayValue thing? I am trying to customize the member page so it can be used as a membership roster for an organization. For that I need access to the single elements of the memberaddress attribute so I can implement linebreaks between the address elements. I search everywhere and am not able to figure it out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EvanCooper replied on at Permalink Reply
You might also need to modify the composer.php file in your override at /models/attribute/types/address/composer.php