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I'm building a website which requires that the owner will need to be able to maintain a list of items in the database.

For public browsing I will need a page to show a list of these items, with a clickable button or something on each item that allows the browser to go to a page that shows full details of the item. This must be a very common requirement, but I haven't been able to find any add-ons other than e-commerce, which this is not - there will be no sales via the website.

For editing/maintenance I will need the same two views, with extra capability to support editing. So, do I need 1 block or 2? It seems to me that maybe I need 2 - one for the list view and one for the single-item detail view. But maybe not - I have been using Concrete5 for a while but this is my first serious foray into developing custom stuff. Do I need a new block(s) at all, or is this a place for Single Pages?

Any pointers to the appropriate strategy will be much appreciated. I am quite comfortable in PHP/mySQL, but the Concrete5 ecosystem is very large and complex!

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
What you appear to need is simply a 'Page List' block. All the detail 'child' pages will under one 'parent' page in the site map but you can set these child pages to be 'excluded from nav' so they don't show up in the regular navigation.

The editing you want is accomplished by going to the detail child page and editing that particular page.

Have a read here:

Or better yet, just add a Page List block to a page that has some child pages below it and play around with it.
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
And for the items, i would go with a custume page type, create a new page type name product and tweak the areas as u wish to look like. Also can set some default blocks and attributes to unify the look.
marshallarts replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the replies. I had thought of a PageList, leading to separate pages for each item. But I'm not sure I want each item to be a whole Concrete page. I know page editing is fairly easy for you and me, but for this end user it is still a bit too fiddly and complex. The maintenance of the items needs to be just a fill-in-the-form exercise.

I've been doing some reading about Single Pages since I posted the question, and it does sound like this may be a job for one or more of them. But I will also give further thought to the PageList approach.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Maybe eCommerce, but without the buy button? Then a page with product list block.

Its been used in this way before (may take a bit of searching the forums, here and in eCommerce)