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Is it possible to change the footer on the default theme? Can I replace the copyright with an address? Is there a better way to add an address to each page?

I am grateful for any help you can provide.

elyon replied on at Permalink Reply
Look under /concrete/themes/ for the theme you want to edit. For the way the default themes are set up, there should be a "footer.php" file in there that you can change.

All of the directories inside the concrete folder are mirrored outside of it, and concrete will prefer the files outside first. I'm pretty sure that you can actually edit the footer without actually changing the original theme by recreating the same file structure in /themes instead of /concrete/themes. If you edit footer.php that way, it won't get overwritten if you ever update your install to a newer version of concrete

Does that help? Let me know if you have more questions
stazi replied on at Permalink Reply
That sounds like a helpful answer, but as a complete beginner I'm lost, where do I find the 'concrete' folder?
PPPills replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi -
as a Newbie, I'm going to add in my 2 cents on this - as I'm hoping it will help someone else.
I'm working with a theme that didn't show up in the directory mentioned.
So while in the file manager I did a search on "footer.php" all the files showed up that had footer.php - (within a dialog box.)
I simply looked for the "footer.php" associated with my particular theme name.

I wrote down the thread and then I followed the folders down the directory - after that - editing it was quick. ( click on the php icon with the right click of a PC mouse and select "code edit")

My particular theme was installed under my domain name folder / then packages/ good soil (theme name) / themes / goodsoil/ elements /footer.php

I hope this helps!!!
PPPills replied on at Permalink Reply
One last thing:
as a credit to the designer of the template, I kept her name and her link. I stated: "template design by ______"

but all the information before that I changed to reflect ownership and copyright on the site itself.

Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
themes will either be in /packages/<packagename>/themes/<themename>/ or /themes/<themename>/ or /concrete/themes/<themename>/
AlienMusyc replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, your method helped out. Just have one question about it, how long does the changes usually take to be applied on the site. I removed the ignoring "edit this site" string out of the code, yet it still there like a rash. Any thoughts?
AlienMusyc replied on at Permalink Reply
Just realized that this thread has aged. :(
theneptune replied on at Permalink Reply
It will happen at the same moment when you save , I think that once you clear the cache of your browser.