Creating an alias to the homepage


I'm having a problem with the main menu of my site.

I want to use the following structure:


I want to display this menu on every page and on level one show Home, Link, Link2, Link3.

On level two I want to display the same as on one (I've got that figured out with the autonav block). the subs are in a left column

On level three I want to display a different main menu;
home, subsublink.

Any idea how to do this? I can't alias the homepage and I can't/won't use absolute URL's.

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dre replied on at Permalink Reply
Anyone know if this is possible i would like to do the same thing.
Dinamicore replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello: I solve this replicationg (manually) the Home page, and then using this addon to redirect the real home page to the replica one.

Hope it helps.
Dinamicore replied on at Permalink Reply
Dinamicore this addon might be simpler to work it out...