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i have built a website that has a number of areas accessible to different users once they are logged in.


if you try to access an area that is restricted, concrete5 automatically sends you to the default login page - i want to be able to either edit the blocks on this page or have the user sent to a different page entirely - a single page that i will design/construct myself.

i have already applied my theme to the login page via the config/site_theme_paths.php file, although for some reason my theme isn't displaying properly -
i can see in the page's source code that the container div is closing before the footer tag - which doesn't occur throughout the rest of the site [if anyone can see what's going on there i'd really appreciate it!]

what i would like to do is have some of my own text and remove the login block from this default login page, and just redirect the user back to the page they were previously on or something...

any ideas how to edit the login page? or just replace it with a different page?


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MysteriousCleon replied on at Permalink Reply
Check the View.php file of your template - probably there is the mess with this div closing tag.

To solve your problem probably would be good this one:
maybe with this:

Also you can find in the Marketplace things like that:

dolorescupcake replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the tips.

I am actually looking to replace the default concrete5 login page - not add a block.
what happens is that i have a number of areas on the website that are only available to certain users and groups. if someone who is already logged in tries to access an area of the website that they don't have access to, concrete5 automatically sends the user to the default concrete5 login page - which is confusing because the user is already logged in, and so being asked to login again is odd, and then of course when they do login again it still causes an error. so i want to be able to edit this default login page so that it doesn't ask them to login again, but rather tells them they don't have access to this area.

so whilst all the login blocks available in the market place are good, and will be useful for other applications (thanks), these aren't actually going to help me in this case.

any other ideas?

MysteriousCleon replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh, now I get it - you don't want to use diffrerent page to log in, but change c5 behavior in that situation.

So probably you will need not to edit the login page, but some controller, that send you to login page, when you don't have enough permissions. Maybe someone smarter then me will help you becouse I'm not good at php, but I'd probably try to search in something like concrete/controllers/page_forbidden.php or somewhere close to there.
timtorres replied on at Permalink Reply