Forum for add-on mods?

I am still fairly low on the C5 learning curve, but have decided to adopt it for our new website. I've used PHP, mySQL and javascript quite a bit before, but the websites I've built are like bicycles compared to the Airbus that is C5!

I purchased the Gallerific add-on, which I like a lot, but found that I felt the need to make a few changes to it, and I thought others may be interested. Is there a forum for add-on tweaks? If not, could/should there be? It doesn't seem quite right (to me) to put them into the "Questions and Discussion" page for the add-on itself, as it might be seen as criticism, which it definitely isn't. But if that is the right place, I'll be happy to do that.

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CygnetMidwest replied on at Permalink Reply
Most (all?) add-ons have their own forum or discussion area. Here is Gallerific's:

I would think posting in there about tweaks to the add-on would be fine. Other users of the add-on may be interested.