Getting rid of double projects for development/production environments

Hello everybody,

I'm asking for help. When building a C5 site, I usually start on development server (, and when completed, copy everything to production server ( Everything goes almost ok - when I first run a site on production server, it asks to reconnect to Community, and when confirmed, C5 doesn't create a new project - which is exactly what I expect, but the only problem is that URL for the project remains

Now this time I really wanted the project URL to be updated to As there is no way to edit the URL for a project, after studying the forum and finding no better option I decided to delete the project, let C5 create it anew for production environment and re-associate the add-ons. Ok, now I had my project for with all the licenses.

BUT. As soon as I logged in to my development environment, after reconnecting to Community C5 acted differently - instead of associating it with the existing project, it created a new one, for So now I have two projects, one for production - with all the licenses, and one for development - WITHOUT those. Which is the problem, I guess.

My question to everybody: is there way to get rid of these double projects somehow? Or, alternatively, keep both projects but get my licenses on both of them (as it's allowed to use add-ons both on dev & prod environments)? And is there a recommended routine of dealing with environments in terms of C5 projects? Thanks in advance for any help.

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snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
Still need the help for this situation, and actulaly quite urgently. The problem is that I can't update paid add-ons on my development site, because all the licenses are assigned to Production project, and on Development project they are missing. Please, anyone?
goodnightfirefly replied on at Permalink Reply
Copy the package files from the live site to your development server and you should be presented with the option to update the packages.