How to disable the dashboard/welcome page

Hello Concrete5 memebers,

How can I disable the /index.php/dashboard/welcome page ?
I used the code below for Concrete5 5.7 but it doesn't work for 8
'external' => [
        'news_overlay' => false,
        'news' => false,

typoman76 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi nesoor

I had the same question. But there was no need for a setting like this in 8.1.
You can redirect users to homepage, welcome-page or another page of your choice. You find the settings in:
Dashboard > System & Settings > Login & Registration > Redirect after login
(i have a translated version of concrete5 - not sure if the labels are correct, but you will find it :-) )

Hope this helps. Roland
nesoor replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Typoman76,

Thanks for your reply, this is what I was looking for !

The exact location in the English C5 is: Dashboard > System & Settings > Login Destination > Homepage