How to create RSS feed from my site?

How do I create an RSS feed based on the content on my site? Is there a block for this?

I know how to show external RSS feeds on my site, but I would like to create a feed from the content on my site.


frz replied on at Permalink Reply
you can make any page list block also provide an RSS feed, its in the options.
tmedina replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried that but I can't figure out how to have an RSS link of only the contents of my main page -- when I used the page list block it added a link to the underlying pages along with the RSS icon -- that is not what I want.

I don't want a list of pages, only to create an RSS feed of my main page.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
rss typically is a set of links to pages.. what are you trying to make a feed of?
tmedina replied on at Permalink Reply
Here's an example:

Near the top right of the page there is an RSS icon with text that says Subscribe to Men's Tennis -- which leads to the RSS feed for the page -- showing each article. This is not simply a list of links to another page. It allows feed readers to display the contents of the feed, yes, links back to the site but not a list of links below the icon which page list is doing. All I'm wanting is the Icon/text but no list of links.
frz replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
so make a page, hide it with permissions, get the page-list block showing what you want on there, turn on the rss option, grab that link.

now you can put that link anywhere you want on your site.
DragonReeper replied on at Permalink Reply
You gotta love work arounds
techgyrl replied on at Permalink Reply
Isn't there an easier way for us non technical types? I just started in Concrete 5 and I have no idea on how to create an rss feed.
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
continuing on from frz's answer above... you can then take the rss feed link, and anywhere on your site, use an rss displayer block to display the feed you set up on the page frz describes.

The page list block has an option to display an rss feed link. Create the hidden page frz details, with a page list block on it. Make sure you check in the page list edit to display the rss feed. Now view the page and click the rss link, steal the url and use it in your rss displayer block to show the feed you set up :)