Is there a page mode for when modifying settings?

I know that you can use
to establish if the page is in edit mode.
When you're on a page you can press the gear icon and edit the "Composer, Page Design, Location, Attributes and Settings" without putting the page in edit mode.
Is there a mode setting associated with this?

I'm loading different CSS and JS when the page is in edit mode as the site files affect C5, however $c->isEditMode() doesn't work when you edit the setting unless you put the page into edit mode as well.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
The only way I know of is using JavaScript.
You'd need to insert a script in your page to hook on certain events like this
Concrete.event.bind("PanelOpenDetail", function(e, data) {
    var identifier = data.panel.identifier;
    // you figure out the identifier for the panels you're interested in
    if (identifier === "page-composer" || identifier === "page-seo" || identifier === "page-attributes") {
        //do your stuff here

Personally I add this script to the page when a user with editing permissions is logged in to make sure it's available if needed.