Limit No. of pages that can be added in concrete5

Hy Guys,

I would like to limit no. of new pages that can be added/created in concrete5 by a user belonging to a particular group. Is it possible ? I am currently using

I am not much of PHP developer but a tweaker.


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dkjain replied on at Permalink Reply
What the.....Why no reply after 4 days. I think my request is very clear to understand. Can any senior member help with this.

ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
There's no setting that does that now. There is an on_page_add event that could be used to code a solution.
dkjain replied on at Permalink Reply

As I stated that I am not much of a developer but a tweaker and baking a proper concrete5 soln using events would be a hell of a task though I plan to take c5 dev in full swing very shortly however I need to get this done in a day or two.

Is it possible that the function/method that creates the page could be wrapped in condition statements as below:

if (the logged in user belongs to a particular group)
{ //execute create New page func() }
{ message('Access Denied') }

Could you tell me where the function / method is defined.