load images from subdomain url?


I have been reading something about speeding up sites lately. Seeing that most people are having speed issues on their concrete5 sites (me included), I would like to try loading images from subdomain to initiate more threads on the webserver to see if that helps..

Does anyone know how to make images to load from ie. images.concrete5.com instead of concrete5.com/images ? I mean, how to get Concrete5 to point at the subdomain for all image url's instead of the directory itself? It would be nice to be able to do for css and js files too, but images are my first priority to launch from another thread..

Any help is appreciated.

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ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you already updated to the most recent version
Using APC caching is also a good first step.
pixel8 replied on at Permalink Reply
I use the newest version, yes! I've also been experimenting with Miser which boost the site alot - but when using that, the author of Miser suggest that caching is turned off..?

Do you know how to rewrite the images urls to images.concrete5.com ? :-)

And what is APC cache?
pixel8 replied on at Permalink Reply
anyone, pleaaase? :-)