No input file specified

Hi, I had a friend help me develop my site two years ago. Yesterday when I clicked on a link on the home pager (this is now for every link) I got a blank white page with No input file specified come up. If I use a search engine for the missing pages they work as normal, but I cannot navigate around my site for links.

I am very, very basic at website admin so if anyone can help please talk me through as basic as you can!



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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
What c5 version are you using?
Did you talk to your hosting company, did they change anything?
102charv replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Remo, thanks for posting. I am using, there is an update ( available but when I try I get the No input file specified. I have not spoken to the hosts, the only interaction I have had since setting up in May 2011 is to pay them.
Remo replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
First, make sure you've got an up to date backup!

Then, I'd recommend to rename the .htaccess file in the root of your website. Next, go to this URL
Log in and type "pretty url" in the intelligent search box, disable it and save the change.

The site should be running now.

Try to upgrade to a newer version and once you're at, enable pretty URLs again.
102charv replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks so much for the reply, I will back up and see if I can do as you suggest. Cheers, Julian.
aazide replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you!
Your suggestion fixed the same issue with my site.