Porting old Image Slider from 5.6.x to 8.x??

I have a website that has been running happily for years, now on Concrete5 version I have been looking at upgrading to the latest and greatest Concrete5 and have installed it on my NAS to mess with and evaluate. My website uses the old Image Slider from version 5.x, but I'm a bit disappointed to see that the current Image Slider is much fancier and does a lot of things I don't want. Has anyone ported the old traditional Image Slider to current versions? If so, how can I get hold of it? I don't see it in the marketplace. All I want is a slider that shows images only (no associated text or heading), from a nominated file set. And the images should be centred and shown at their actual pixel size. Simple. The only parameters need to be the fileset, the display duration and the transition duration. Maybe a selection of a few different image transitions might be nice, but even that isn't necessary - just a timed fade is fine. But it doesn't seem to exist. I've looked at trying to port it myself, but I'd much rather not have to do that - the learning curve is long and steep.

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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
I have a custom block that would work for you. Send me a private message with your email and I'll send you a copy!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
My Omni Gallery can be configured to do that (but its a bit of an overkill for such a basic application). https://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/omni-gallery/...
marshallarts replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes it is really. Thanks for the thought anyway.
marshallarts replied on at Permalink Reply
Well I thought I would have a look at porting the old Slideshow block to work in 8.5.4. That's the block I was talking about in the starting post. I extracted the files that make up the block from my current website (version and had a look though them while I studied the information on the Concrete5 website about building custom blocks. I made a couple of required changes to php sources and put the folder into application/blocks. But when I try to go to Block Types in the dashboard, I get a ReflectionException that says that class ReflectionClass does not exist. I've tried following the stack trace, but this is all way beyond the complexity of anything I've done in PHP before, so it isn't making much sense to me. It's not even clear to me why the code is getting to the place where the exception happens - this is deep inside Concrete5 itself. So my first question is - if the ReflectionClass class doesn't exist, why is there still code in Concrete5 that is trying to use it? Is this a bug in Concrete, or is it really something connected to this custom block?
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Found an old 'Fileset Slider' I had in the MP, runs on 8.5+, might work for you. See attached.