Profile page coming up as left sidebar

I have gone through just about every file trying to figure out where this is coming from, and I am coming up very short. The div for the sidebar is labelled #sidebar.col_4 , and tied to columns, the profile.css, profile/view.php, are exactly as they should be.

Any edit to the .css or overriding of page type results in losing editable areas, and I was hoping someone here has run into a similar problem, as I cannot find anything related in the forum, or how to's. The divs created seem odd, and I cant figure out how to get around them.

Changing or editing the page type or overriding by placing a profile.php page type in root also results in no editable areas.

Screen shot attached

Any ideas, on getting this full page ?

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
I have been at this all day, and I am just treading water at this point. I have tried setting theme paths to pull profile page from a different theme with no luck, putting profile.php in the root which works to a point with the main areas not editable, no matter what I write.

I have tried editing all style.css, static.css, profile.css . view.phps, and everything in between. I have searched through the forums, and I am coming up blank. I found the columns, and they are so heavily tied to the theme that its nearly impossible to get around, and even if I pulled them the sidebar would remain.

Does anyone have any ideas ??
mkly replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I'm confused. What are you doing? Are you trying to have a custom profile page?

Profile pages are actually just one Single Page.

That side base is actually an element

which contains an inline autonav that basically prints out all child pages of the profile page

The Area in profile(Main) is a single page area. Therefore it is the same for every single user. The blocks themselves need to be user aware and grab the profile and work with it.
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I am using the silence theme, and the profile page comes out with an editable sidebar, and an editable main with the profile sidebar info such as avatar, messages etc squished in the middle. I would like to retain the profile sidebar info, but remove the editable sidebar. I have tried almost everything under the sun to achieve this.

I realize that profile page is a single page type, and have tried to work around modifying it in every possible way including overrides by placing profile page types in the root. This does change the page type but renders my areas uneditable, altering virtually anything in .css renders areas uneditable. This has quite literally been an all day event. There seems to be something in the theme that is somehow overwriting, even when I set theme path for the profile page to pull from other themes using theme paths. Its also the very last thing to do till pay out, so extra frustrating.

The theme also works with blender.css.php making things extra rough to find, and attaches columns to the divs which is a first for me.

I have attached a screenshot that includes the Div info

*Mkly helped me through this with wizard like skill, and if anyone else ever stumbles across this issue, I will write out exactly what he did to solve this. Thanks again Mkly !
oakleafg replied on at Permalink Reply
Just been scratching my head with this on a theme i'm working on, my view.php has a sidebar so the profile pages look awful due to them having their own sidebar!!! Could you let me know how to solve it.

Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
I will pm you, depending on exactly how your site is setup changes how to go about it.