Running c5 in an AWS cluster

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We're just finished installing a C5 based application in an Amazon Web Services load balanced cluster. Working through the docs takes a bit and JohnTheFish suggested that we write a how to.

Creating a load balanced cluster using appservers and database servers in geographically diverse data centers is quite easy, and can be done using the graphical AWS Console. (point and shoot). There are just a few tips along the way that can help

AWS has a database service which is basically a very easy to operate enterprise cluster with the AWS people taking care of all the harder stuff like replication, backup, rollback and backup etc

Is anyone interested in hearing about this -- just post below. If there's lots of interest we can prepare a formal how to. If just a little interest we can PM and send links

Either way it'll be nice to give a bit back

SheldonB replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd be interested in such a how to
Geekcubed replied on at Permalink Reply
+1 for this information.

Just this afternoon got a request to investigate issues with a C5 site running via a clustered environment on Amazon. Looks like the usual things that affect clustered setups - cached files missing, session's bouncing etc. But would be good to have some reference material for the future (and/or build a definitive guide to running a C5 instance on multiple servers)
prema520 replied on at Permalink Reply
Cool we'll get started on it.Unless anyone has a better idea we will do it as a sectionalized HowTo starting with just enough AWS to get us through

We'll post the initial howto link back to this post
btwarne replied on at Permalink Reply
I work for a private IT support company & a new client wants to deploy concrete in AWS. So if you have a guide on how you did this I would like to work thru it & once we have them up & running in AWS I am willing to give feedback etc for others to learn from.

Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
prema520 replied on at Permalink Reply
This is the link to the first HowTo. Just basics
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
Cool! I'll monitor this!
prema520 replied on at Permalink Reply
Cool Remo. Look forward to your comments
dobestpossible replied on at Permalink Reply
Although I am not a web developer, designer, or even a website owner, I am a major computer and network science geek and like to discover new technologies and ways to use them (especially if not the intended use, lol).
You have my interest peaked. I'd probably try to use the method for a different CMS than Concrete5.
prema520 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Dobestpossible.
Yes we're a bit blown away by AWS. Looking forward to comments and questions. We're also here to learn
benloh replied on at Permalink Reply
I would love to hear more. We're running a bitnami AMI right now on a t1.micro instance. We think we might have to use autoscaling to spin up extra instances when our traffic spikes. But since our app relies heavily on a guestbook feature, we'd need a way to keep the database consistent across all of the instances, which is making the project much more complex than we would like. I'm hoping your how-to would provide some insight. Thanks in advance!
prema520 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi benloh
We kind of had an intuition that it was going to be easy. And it is.
It's just the docs that are a bit tricky -- of necessity. They have to cover off a lot of stuff