some questions

hey all, im new to concrete5 and for now i would recommend it for every users that use CMS ...but i have one little question...
i need to do a form that pulls info from an extra database that i have in phpmyadmin. i have all the code working in php/html and some scripts. question:

How do i put this form that i created in my site in concrete?
should i make a block for that? and so where do i put the code?
i tried the addon "Simple PHP" but it doens´t do the trick... and if we could solve this without paying for any extra addon with would be great!

thx for any reply ;)

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ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
You would either do this with a "single page" or with the external form block.

Single Pages:

External Form Block:

Between the two, I would suggest using the external form block if you needed to place the form on multiple pages within your site.
ranonymus replied on at Permalink Reply
ok so this form will be unique no other page will use it... i should make a single page then?
VPenkov replied on at Permalink Reply
You can either use the "External Form" block (insertable via the front-end administration) or create a single page. Both would work for you, probably.
ranonymus replied on at Permalink Reply
yea but i can put the code anywhere???
ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
If you have the form working elsewhere successfully, then you can use dynamic iframe add-on from marketplace to embed it.
ranonymus replied on at Permalink Reply
iframe ig a good idea .... but in the url what do i put? do i have to upload the file to the net?

and btw how do i put the login page first of everything? i mean no one can see even the home page if they arent logged in.