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I'm experiencing an issue translation site interface content. The website I'm developing has 3 languages; English (en_US), Japanese (ja_Jp) and Chinese (zh_CN). I had English (en_US) configured as the Site interface source locale in Multilingual Setup. However, I wanted to give the client the opportunity to modify English translations as well, for example to be able to translate TWITTER_URL to the actual client's Twitter URL, which is different for each language. Therefore I set the Site interface source local to a random language, that is not going to be used as a language for the website. This way I was able to edit translations for English in the Translate Site Interface dashboard section (when English was still defined as site source language the edit-icon didn't show here). So I configured and saved an English translation for TWITTER_URL, clicked on Save to File, showing a message saying that the translations have been exported to file and will be used by the website. However, visiting the website in English did NOT show the translated string but displayed the actual translation source; TWITTER_URL. Translating the same string for Japanese or Chinese and visiting the website in this language DID show the translated string.

I know that using the translation functionality for global variables might not be what it's intended for, but my solution should work, shouldn't it?

Is this actually a bug in Concrete5 or am I doing something wrong?

Hope someone can help! :)

Thanks in advance!

(I'm on Concrete

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