Use menu-structure to build a horizontal site


I'm looking for a way to generate a horizontal site by getting the content of pages (in a new page type, so these pages have little styling when looked at individually) beneath a certain menu-item (so the menu-item could be "hor_pages" or something).

Is there a way to get the content of a certain area in a page that is under an existing menu-item and get these in a for-loop so I can stitch them together horizontally?

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bcarone replied on at Permalink Reply
One of the developers in the community is working on a package that will probably work for you. It isn't approved in the marketplace yet but it looks just right.

You will probably have to tinker around with a template to be as specific as you want but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Be looking for DIY Navigation from ScottC in the near future.