User login page

Does anyone have any ideas how I can set up just one page to be viewed after a login?

For example, I want a user to be able to login by clicking on a text link (that will be displayed on every page).

After login they will go to a separate page (that will not be public or viewable in the navigation). This separate page will look like the rest of the site, meaning they can use the navigation to go to public areas.

And logging will take them back to the home page or what ever page they happen to be on.

How would I achieve this?

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salesman replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same trouble.. do you have a solution for this yet?
AnotherAndrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Don't know if anyone else is reading, so this might just be for my own reference....

After turning on advanced permissions, create a group of users for "members".

Create the page that you want a member to visit. Set the permissions for that page to only allow that group to "view".

Then you can use the login block to allow "members" to sign in.

And I haven't tried this yet, but I am thinking that you can put that login block anywhere, even "hide" it and reveal on a mouseover or click.
KathleenH replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi AnotherAndrew

Just wondering if you got this working how you wanted? I'm still trying to figure out how to make it happen... Any more suggestions?
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
you can redirect to another page after login by using the rcID query string variable, like /login/?rcID=123

it'll also take a full URL but you have to URL encode it first. There's also a new feature in concrete that allows you to specify where you want users to be redirected to after login, but I'm not sure if this feature is release yet or still in DEV. The interface for this is (or will be) located in Dashboard->Users->Registration.
cssninja replied on at Permalink Reply
I know it's old post, but it may be useful to someone.
1. You have to add the login block from here
2. Go to User and Groups/Login&Registation and in the field "Where to send users on login?" you have to select Custom Page - and select the page visible after logging.
3. In the Set Permission for this page, you have to select, who can view this page.
If you add a new user group e.g. Members, you can select it there.
This is so that when you type an address in the browser page is not visible.
4. On page, which you want to see, you can add logout link e.g. (<a href="/index.php/login/-/logout">logout</a>).
5. The last thing is the adding user, who can view this page. You can add their own or they may register in login block.
That's all.