Developing (v7+)

Websocket support

Hi, anyone know if it is possible to create a websocket endpoint in concrete5?

The Form block's Image/Data upload

Hi, I am using 8.5.5RC1 version. I just noticed that uploaded files with the form block (anwer type Image/File) saves all the files twice if you navigate a folder for these files. Files goes both to File Manager first level AND into selected folder. …

Authentication Types : Google

Hi, I am trying to setup the Google Authentication type in Concrete, however there is very little documentation on this that I can find, is anyone please able to give me a steer, thanks in advance.

app issues

Hi can anyone maybe point me in the right direction, I recently got a developer of the freelancer website to build me an app for a friend trying to make a go at being involved in app development as I had good success with WordPress websites, the app was w…

Booking form

My website is working great but my booking form is not working it has worked before when I first started but now its not working and I can't figure out why

forms with paypal

Hello, my forms with paypal is not collecting submissions though payment is being made. Please help; the forms that have this question have not solutions. Thank you

Retrieve variables set in styles.xml

Hello concrete5 community! I have recently discovered concrete CMS and I am absolutely loving it, its even frustrating that I didn't know about it earlier. I have a question regarding enabling basic customizability to the website as per defined in t…

Paypal payments

Can anyone advise? I am working on an ecommerce website for a client, its using 8.5.4 with the latest community store and paypal plugins, what I need to support in addition is paypal Card Payments, can this be done with this plugin or can anyone recommen…

Express Problem with Association to own Express Data Object

Hi all, I am sitting here at a website for a dog breeding and wanted to create an Express data object for dogs. With the attributes I get to the point where I should select the parents of the dog. My wish is to be able to select dogs already entere…

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