Workflow setup for users writer and editor


Could someone please provide some step by step guide to setup a entire site edit approve workflow for content approval?

Group 1: Writer
Group 2: Editor

User 1: john_write (group: writer)
User 2: editor_smith (group: editor)

Workflow 1: Content Approval
Approve or Deny: group writer
Notify on Entry: group editor
Notify on Approve: group writer
Notify on Deny: group writer

Home page permissions:
View versions: Editor
Edit Content: Writer, Editor (Workflow: Content Approval)
Approve Changes: Editor
Delete: Editor

What was expected:

Step 1 A: Once the writer group users edit a page, and save changes; the draft will be set to pending approval. (working)

Step 1 B: The save changes will also trigger the content approval workflow (not working)

Step 2: When editor group users login, they will have access to "Waiting for me" page, which will display the list of pending approval pages. (not working)

The steps seems almost complete, yet some details are eluding me.

If someone can just point me in the right direction, I will be on my way.

Thank you.

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Myq replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Take a look at this tutorial:

If there are any steps which are unclear, please post your questions here and I'll try to clarify the document.