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Doctrine \ DBAL \ Exception \ DriverException - HELP!

Hi. I have just discovered that the website I volunteer manage has an error. It looks like this. I have no idea what happened or how to fix it. Help! Thank you for your time.

Upgrade 8.2.1 > 8.5.5 BUGGGG

I am repeating this message here because I am stuck to the point of wondering if I will not completely redo my project with Wordpress ... (: I upgraded a site that was in version 8.2.1 to 8.5.5. My site has advanced rights on the pages. Never encount…

New domain

Hello, I created a development subdomain. I duplicated a site and its database to apply an upgrade. Unable to connect development domain. I tried to add the address in App.php

Problem on update from 8.2 to 8.5

Upgraded site from 8.2.1 to 8.5.0 but now get following message on all pages: An unexpected error occurred. Class Concrete\Core\Permission\Key\ExpressEntryKey does not exist Can't login and if reinstall 8.2.1 I get similar messages. Anyone have a …

Updating older concrete5 site

hey all - I have a site on an older version of Concrete5 A friend said that I'm sol bc I can't now update to the newer version 8.5.4. it's all a drag. I can't even connect to the community with this older version. Is it really true that I can't j…

Class 'finfo' not foun

Trying to upload an image to the File Manager after a recent upgrade to 8.5.4. Getting an Error Class 'finfo' not found Details C:\inetpub\Intranet\concrete\vendor\league\flysystem\src\Adapter\Local.php(319): Whoops\Exception\ErrorException->nul…

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