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Hej all! Since some time (was it with the latest update?) the archives-block in my blog-section has been acting strangely. It shows only the last two months, although there's more posts than that. Also, when I try to edit the archives block, either directly on the page or in the stack, I am getting the error below. When editing the stack, the whole site breaks and shows only unformatted text.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Your help would be much appreciated!

Warning: require_once(/customers/8/a/9/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /customers/8/a/9/ on line 297 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/customers/8/a/9/' (include_path='/customers/8/a/9/') in /customers/8/a/9/ on line 297

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frustrationNation replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
YES! I am having this same issue.

I have a "Blog Date Archive" block on a 2 sites (both running - For the most part it seems to work, the changes save but when you save you get the error above. The block works for me on the front end but the error on save is really annoying and makes the site appear broken.

Screenshot attached of the block upon saving the block.

Anyone else out there seeing this? Can some one test it out and see?
Guido replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
This seems like a C5 bug. If you open the default Date archive block view (/concrete/blocks/date_archive/view.php*) you'll see that the date helper is loaded on line 2 like this:

$dh = Loader::helper("Date");

"Date" is written with a capital "D" and therefor the helper file that is being searched for is Date.php instead of date.php, with lowercase(!) "d". On any server, other than Windows, this will fail, since the file that is actually exists is date.php and not Date.php.

You can easily solve this by overwriting the view file. Just copy the view file to /blocks/date_archive/view.php and change "Date" to "date" on line 2.

Let me know if that solved the problem!

* If you updated Concrete5 then the file location is /updates/concrete5.6.2.1/blocks/date_archive/view.php (assuming you updated to version
LijnDiensten replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Guido - thanks for looking into this! This indeed prevents the php error message from popping up. However, the blog date archive is still only showing Oct and Nov this year, and following those links, I get all my blog articles listed under /blog/?year=2013&month=11 (or=12). Also, the blog's next and previous nav is consistently linking to the latest article (previous) and the blog archives (next).

NB I have a copy of the folder date_archive in *root/blocks/ (and the other folder there is guestbook), which it seems is the one being used - is that the normal setup?

Guido replied on at Permalink Reply
The Date Archive block showing only the last 2 months is what seems to be bug and I've found a fix for this:

Prev Next Nav ignores pages that have the attribute Exclude From Nav checked. Uncheck Exclude From Nav from the blog pages' properties and check this How To on creating an attribute to exclude all child pages from nav: