CKEDITOR not starting some problem


I think I may have found a new bug when CKEDITOR tries to start. I just spent like 5 full days on this and still cannot resolve.

We see an error in CONSOLE when we click "Edit block" on a Content block.

I had the well known editor-element-conflict in CONSOLE. I have this on many sites not causing any issues. See attachement 1 (Bug_CKEDITOR_A)

But the editor is not showing for a customer (another user in Administrators group).

I updated my Concrete5 8.5.4 to 8.5.5 RC1 to get rid of the editor-element-conflict error.

I no longer have the editor-element-conflict error in CONSOLE. Yay!

I enabled "Enable user defined time zones" on my site... Dashboard > system > basics > timezone. Everything here is set to the America/Chicago Timezone. See attachement 2 (Bug_CKEDITOR_B)

The system is in America/Chicago timezone. Some admins are in America/Halifax timezone and some in Africa/Porto-Novo timezone.

Africa/Porto-Novo GMT+1
America/Halifax GMT-4
America/Chicago GMT-6

An admin located in America/Halifax has no problem, CKEDITOR is working fine and no CONSOLE errors. Tested on MacOS (Chrome/FireFox/Safari) and Ubuntu 20 (Chrome/FireFox). Also tested with Ubuntu 20 using VPN connection in SouthAfrica.

For an admin located in Africa/Porto-Novo, CKEDITOR is NOT working and we see new errors in the CONSOLE. See attachement 3 and 4 (Bug_CKEDITOR_C + Bug_CKEDITOR_D).

The Africa/Porto-Novo admin tested with Chrome and Firefox on Windows. Same CONSOLE errors.

I also built a page to output the server time and javascript time and asked the Africa/Porto-Novo admin to sync his minutes and seconds with the server. See attachement 5 (Bug_CKEDITOR_E)

The Africa/Porto-Novo admin is actually located in Africa/Benin maybe the whole country is proxied??? I have no idea??? LOL

Need help.
Thanks in advance.