Empty Database error

I am trying to install 8.5.4 with xampp, I also have 7.3 version of php. The issue is after I fill everything and the installation is taking place. The database is empty but it stops and displays a message "There are already 288 tables in this database. concrete5 must be installed in an empty database". Ive delete the database multiple times and its the same as well as re-downloaded concrete5.

jessicadunbar replied on at Permalink Reply
Sounds like there might be a permissions issue with mysql.
Did you make sure mysql server is running? Apache?
What happens when you go tohttp://localhost/yournewconcretesite...

Here's a guide one of our community members wrote.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a5VFF5sFk8...
Hope this helps!
estradak replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't believe it is a permission issue since when installing the database is being written on. It just stops mid way. The database is empty before trying to install and after I receive that message there are tables in the database.
estradak replied on at Permalink Reply
I ended up using mamp and it worked. Not sure if it was because I was using a mac but its all good now