Error Controller does not exist

I had some issues when installing a theme (supermint) and ended up renaming the folder to themeSupermint13 and then copying and bring in the original.

Everything is working except
1. When I goto page & themes -> Attributes

I get this error
ReflectionException (-1)
Class Concrete\Package\ThemeSupermint13\Attribute\Color\Controller does not exist

2. When the Index Search Engine All is run I get this error
Class Concrete\Package\ThemeSupermint13\Attribute\Fileset\Controller does not exist

I've searched the database for supermint13 - thinking there was something left over - but that is cleared out (except the logs from the search errors)

So somewhere is something that is still referring to supermint13 instead of supermint


JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Supermint hasn't been supported for a long time and has not been updated for v8. (see the last 4 or 5 reviews) Unless you find another Supermint user who has maintained/updated it privately, I am afraid you are on your own.