Fatal error

I do not know what I did but everytime someone tries to check out on my website they get the error message below.
Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttributeKeyID() on a non-object in /home3/skirtrip/public_html/packages/core_commerce/models/order/model.php on line 517

The only changes I made are:I added stripe as a payment method and deleted the discounts section of my checkout.

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ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
That is likely caused by an order attribute being deleted that is referenced in code.

If you don't have allot of work into your product setup you could uninstall and re-install the add-on. Keep in mind you'd loose any existing product and order data.
alumman71822 replied on at Permalink Reply
I do have alot of work in my products. I have over 300 products for sale on my site. I do not want to start over.