Install error "Database must be empty"

I've successfully installed v8.5.4 on a fresh website with a fresh empty database multiple times. I'm trying to install the same version extracted from the same zip file again and I get an error every time. The installation appears to run correctly creating the database tables and installing all the parts apparently successfully. When it gets to Installing Dashboard, it fails with and error every time. I get "Installation Error" at the top of the screen and "An error occurred" with a Back button on the bottom of the screen. When I click BACK, I am either:
- taken back the the Testing Environment screen with the error "Database should be empty. There are 393 tables in this database. concrete5 must be installed in an empty database."

There are no solutions I've found in the forum that works.

Why does concrete5 install tables in the database then give me an error saying there are tables in the database?

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The tables error is secondary, cause by 'back' from the dashboard pages error.

At a guess, you are running out of resources, either php timeout or disk space.

Try a CLI install