Link to 8.5.5 Update is 404. How to apply update?

Hi all, please the see 2 attached screen grabs. After backing up the client's site, I am not able to update it from v8.2.1 to 8.5.5 — as in, no update is there to download. Even though there's a reminder notification for same (screen-grab1).

1. In the C5 dashboard, when I click the Update button in screen-grab1, I'm directed to a 'Page Not Found' [screen-grab2].

2. When I choose Update Concrete5 from System & Settings in the dashboard's right sidebar, and click the Check for Updates button, nothing happens.

Not sure I want to try a manual update of the c5 core. Any ideas?


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jessicadunbar replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi There,
It looks like there might be a bug related to your issue in the following threads:

Manual updates resolve the issue. I recommend doing an incremental manual update from 8.2.1 to 8.3.2; after that, you can move forward with your regular dashboard routine.

Replacing the original concrete Directory (Version 8 and above) Instructions:

1. Backup database and files
2. Download 8.3.2 (1-22-2018) -
3. Follow the directions - Replacing the original concrete Directory (Version 8 and above)
chm replied on at Permalink Reply
Many thanks, I will try this.