Lost layouts after migration - "No grid framework found"

Hello, yesterday we migrated a very large concrete5 v8.x website and today I'm testing to ensure that it is ready for the DNS switch. There is a peculiar issue occurring when I try to load up the site on the new host. It would seem that all of my layouts are missing and when I go into edit mode I get the full page error and in the top left box it says:

No grid framework found. Grid area methods require a valid grid framework defined in a PageTheme class.

Nothing has changed. The site was moved as a big archive. Ditto with the database. All of the pages are there. All of the content is there, it just isn't in the column layouts anymore and I can't get into editing mode, just the big error screen.

Any ideas?

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fridayphoto replied on at Permalink Reply
I've been able to fix the problem temporarily by changing the PHP version back to 5.6, from 7.1 - which is pretty weird.

I'm running latest C5 8.5.4

Anyone ever had this issue?
radeff replied on at Permalink Reply
1) the debug print screen says c5.8.5.2 (not 8.5.4), which is a buggy version
2) try to change template before migration, just to ensure it is a concrete5 problem OR a theme problem (which sounds more likely)