Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

I'm trying to install concrete5 on a local server for testing purposes. I managed to install it correctly, but after that, I'm getting a "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded" error while trying to connect to the localhost.

Concrete5 v8.5.4
Using MySQL8.0.23, and PHP7.3.27

The line which throws the error is located in \public\concrete\src\Cache\Driver\FileSystemStashDriver.php:46

$result = file_put_contents($path, $storeString, LOCK_EX);

Has anyone gotten something similar/ has a clue of what coul've gone wrong?

Thanks in advance

kitchenonfire replied on at Permalink Reply
This seems to be gone after restarting. Now I'm getting another error.
kitchenonfire replied on at Permalink Reply
Well this is the weirdest thing ever.

Apparently there is something going on at /public/application/config/doctrine/proxies

After some googling, I stumbled upon this
which prompted to rebuild the regenerate the proxies with the following command
concrete/bin/concrete5 orm:generate-proxies

My public\application\config\doctrine\proxies was empty and that comamand filled it many files. So that must be the problem right?

Well, it turns out that running the php server removes all of the files under public\application\config\doctrine\proxies.
Then I receive the original error: "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded"

When restarting the PHP server I get the error "Doctrine\Common\Proxy\AbstractProxyFactory::getProxyDefinition(): Failed opening required 'C:/Work/Concrete5/test1/public/application/config/doctrine/proxies\__CG__ConcreteCoreEntitySiteSite.php'" again.