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My site has recently been moved onto a windows server and all seems fine most of the time.

navigating to either usually routes and all is good, however just sometimes it returns a page not found error, after several minutes the problem goes away and it can find the page again.

While this problem exists, it is still possible to enter and see the page.

Has anyone encountered this before, or have any ideas what I should be looking for?

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pjd replied on at Permalink Reply

while it is true that accessing returns the main page during periods that doesn't it is not possible to navigate to any other page neither can I log into concrete5 during this time.

It therefore suggests that the cms goes offline, however I'm not sure if it's multiple page requests that causes it to start again or if it's a timing thing.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?
Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
I wonder if your previous site might have been relying on a .htaccess redirect or something. Possibly the c5 side of things is using pretty or canonical URLs in a way that your new hosting isn't configured for.