Updating older concrete5 site

hey all - I have a site on an older version of Concrete5 A friend said that I'm sol bc I can't now update to the newer version 8.5.4. it's all a drag. I can't even connect to the community with this older version. Is it really true that I can't just update it? Or I'd now have to rebuild it again? sorry for the noob question

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The best update you can do is to 5.6.4

To go any further, you need to rebuild in v8.latest. Rebuilding can be assisted by content migration, but is also hindered in that addons don't map across 1:1. For most addons there are equivalents in v8, but not direct equivalents for data.

A lot depends on what you are doing with the site. If it is performing well and meets your needs, then update to 5.6.4 and keep going (many people drive trucks 20 years old). If you have major new content areas planned, then it may be worth rebuilding in v8. If you don't have many pages, rebuilding in v8 is not overwhelming. If you are hosting a large online community, rebuilding in v8 can become a considerable project.