British date format

Anyone know if there is a way to convert the date format used in Concrete? In the uk we use dd/mm/yy rather than mm/dd/yyyy and it is going to be very confusing in some respects if I can't localise the date...


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olay replied on at Permalink Reply
Where is the date appearing that you need to change?

Most likely you need to edit the block or the theme template.

see this reference for PHP dates

d m Y is the one you want for UK

Which would most likely need to be put into your template as the following:

To call info for the page

<?php echo $c->getcollectionDateAdded('d m Y')?>

or for a page object

<?php echo $cobj->getcollectionDateAdded('d m Y')?>
goanna300 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey, can it be true that I really have to get down & dirty with code just to choose a date format?
(I'm just starting here; Concrete5 is looking pretty alpha-ish here & I can still bail out & go back to Drupal)
So, I repeat.. has Concrete5 really left out date format from their config file? Is there more stuff they haven't told me about?
matogertel replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Goanna, as every other CMS in the market Concrete5 is not perfect. It is a very young CMS and there are many areas where it is still catching up with the big guys.
Since I discovered it in dec last year, I have seen the team add endless features many of them I secretly take pride of having suggested them in the first place :-)
The guys from Europe and Japan have done a lot of work on internationalization having to add their own hacks when the core wasn't ready, but they stuck to C5 cause its features have outweighted its limitations.
If you're posting in the forum I assume you have also found features in C5 that you couldn't find in other systems. So it's really up to you if those features outweight the (current) limitations. If you have feature requests you can also ask for them in a nice way and the c5 team will listen, but I don't think you'll get anywhere with this attitude.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
We, Japanese team, had to change the code.

But, we only had to change 5-6 lines...

Simply we did full-text search of
F jS

And changed the time format according to the PHP date manual

If you have Coda, Dreamweaver, or Mac OS (Spotlight), it's 5-10min work.
raemacleman replied on at Permalink Reply
I need to change the date format to
d m y - can you tell me what to search for - what is F j S?