Multilingual setup - Page Selector Attribute Add-On

I'm running C5.7.3.1
Starting the multilingual setup and was following a How-To video on YouTube successfully until the part where I had to install 2 free add-ons - Page Selector Attribute and Page Redirect (the Page Redirect add-on won<t install unless the Page Selector Attribute add-on is installed first)... only problem is that it doesn't seem to have been upgraded to be compatible with C5.7. I tried manually installing the package (downloaded the archive, uploaded to my packages directory, extracted the .zip), but when I go to the Extend Concrete5 Add-Functionality the add-on shows up in the list of add-ons waiting for download/install but is listed as a broken package with an error message that says "This package is corrupted. Make sure it has a valid controller.php file and that is has been updated for Concrete5.7 and later".The multilingual set-up ( is definitelyfor C5.7 - And it says that that add-on was installed... Any ideas? Did I do something wrong? I am stuck and I HAVE TO get my site set up for English and French but can't go any further than I have gone.

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goodnightfirefly replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It sounds like you just installed the 5.6 versions of the addons, both of those addons for version 5.7 install and work correctly for me.

5.7 Page redirect:
5.7 Page Selector Attribute:
MarcYBB replied on at Permalink Reply
Many thanks - worked like a charm... I could have sworn I poured over all he 5.7 add-ons and didn't see it.
Responsive replied on at Permalink Reply
So is adding the Page redirect etc part of the Multilingual set up or can this be done without ... eg having the parent / landing page as the home page or does this cause problems with copying etc

Should the core team be adding this as default ?
kfog replied on at Permalink Reply
i'm also confused.

we're using the latest stable release 7.5.1

1. are addons like "page redirect" and "page selector attribute" required?
2. are the two file in hissy's how-to required?

i also followed the videos of concrete5 and concrete5 official video about multilingual setup. although both videos are are published before version 7.5.1.

i tried all variations and it still won't work.

thanks for any solution
goodnightfirefly replied on at Permalink Reply
The How-To by Hissy you linked is no longer required as multilingual stacks/global areas are now built in to Concrete5 (version 7.5 I think).

The addons you mentioned are not required for enabling multilingual-ness.

The original question of this thread was to troubleshoot the two page redirect addons , I'd suggest creating a new thread for your own issue.
kfog replied on at Permalink Reply
thank you for ansering 2 key points. if i'm not getting ahead, i'll post a new thread.