Add on required to add Watermark on Images

We have website with thousands of images and more then 3000 pages.
Right now we are building our website ( with Concrete 5.7.5.
As all images have our copy right and we don't want others to use it.

So We need addon that can add watermark to all those images.
Requirements :
1. Select which images need watermarks.
2. Add same size watermarks to all size of images (thumbnails created by C5)
3. Watermarked images can be used by any block (content block, Image block and gallery). Actually, addon should be able to save images to file manager. So other blocks can use it.

By going through internet article. I've found this, may be it will help.

Please send us your estimation and quote.its requirement of lots of people in concrete5 5.7, so may be you are more interested in developing it for all people.

Lets us know !

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jbx replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Suraj,

I think I have an approach that could work well here.
I'll send you the details in a private message...

TooqInc replied on at Permalink Reply
Might want to look at this add-on:

Haven't used it in 5.7 yet, but it was excellent in 5.6.
MountainSite replied on at Permalink Reply
It says on that page "*NOTE: Watermarked images only work with galleryES blocks/pages. "

So I don't think this plugin would be right for me. Are there any plugins that can watermark and also compress images?

Compression would be handy for page load speed. [url=]gold[/url]
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

I would look into WatermarkNN.