Site keeps locking up - Help PLEASE!

Upon the recommendation of our Graphic Designer, we have created a new website using Concrete 5. The site is hosted internally, by our servers on a windows 2008 virtual server. During testing we had no issues, but once the website went live we are locking up on a consistent basis. We cannot find any log entries exposing a problem and do not have any indication that there is a problem - the site just stops working. We are guessing the problem may be a log jam when there are several people accessing the site at the same time. However, our site is not heavily trafficked and we do not believe that there are more than 10-25 concurrent connections at any given time.

The only thing that might make this situation unique is that we have 2 I-Frame connections that are porting out to another website which is a windows site.

We have looked through the Concrete 5 documentation and cannot locate any information that can help us diagnose the problem. Website is


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Very tedious to load.

Is the asp site on the same server? Do the 2 sites share a common database server? Could the 2 sites be arguing over common server resources like database connections?
CCranfordEHS replied on at Permalink Reply
The ASP .NET web site is located on a dedicated windows 2003 server using IIS 6.0 and Microsoft SQL Server. The Concrete 5 server is running on a Windows Server 2008 virtual server and uses MySQL for the content management piece. Both sites, with the exception of the iFrame links in Conrete5 were designed independent of each other.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Others may disagree but I have given up trying to host concrete5 on IIS. Too many odd things and support is limited here because Apache is the 'recommended' server. Any reason why your virtual server couldn't be a LAMP stack?
CCranfordEHS replied on at Permalink Reply
we are running Concrete 5 in a Windows environment, but we are still using Apache and not IIS. Do you think moving to Linux would solve this problem and why?
Arequal replied on at Permalink Reply
It looks that you have an issue in the webserver. You are searching for logs that you can't find... there, c5 has nothing to do.

¿Have you tried to enable PHP error log?
jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
C5 is designed for the LAMP stack. The Windows is a totally different beast, and traditionally, C5 is not tested nor validated for operation on it. There are just too many subtle differences between the stacks that can cause hard to diagnose problems.

If you're running on a virtual server, it would seem not that difficult to setup a virtual LAMP stack -- Centos being the most commonly used web server -- and get up and running.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
I try and stay away from Windows & IIS servers, but PHP/MySQL can run on that platform just fine if you have knowledgeable admins. is not the best place for those kind of support questions.

Don't know if it's still the case, but concrete5 was accepted into Microsoft's Web App Gallery in April 2010.

concrete5 can run quite well on lightHTTPd, nginx and Fortitude HTTP and properly tuned can serve more concurrent connections vs Apache.

The easiest way to install concrete5 on Windows is to use Bitnami's installer, VMWare virtual machine or cloud servers (

BTW, CentOS *used* to be the most commonly used Linux distro for web servers, but not since 2011:

Just wanted to throw this out there for informational purposes because I don't believe M$ users should be left out of concrete5's beauty :)
jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
AFAIK, C5 was pulled from MS Web Gallery about a year ago. I've not been able to find any information on that, either from MS or C5.

About a year and a half ago, I tried using it as a base for working with an MS-based dev group that found itself with a complex C5 app on its hands. It became clear that the Web App mechanism was a one-way only route for simple websites, fragile, prone to corruption, and not really suited for professional development, IMHO.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
I have a localhost setup using the Bitnami stack built for Win7 but I've never used it on a live server. It works fine but still feels sluggish with 2 second page load times even on localhost.