discrepancies between internet explorers

I created a new theme based on a template I found on internet.
In design mode (using Chrome) everything looks o.k., but when I logout and revisit the page the header logo is gone.
And when I try to visit the site using Internet Explorer my auto nav is displayed vertical instead of horizontal, it also not diplaying my header logo, my header search field is shifted out of place and my main area is larger then my header area.
All this is not the case in design mode (with chrome).
I attached a document with the varioud screenshot.
Anyone any idea?


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irsah replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Marco,

I'm also getting to get used o c5 and like you, after any changes I would go to other browser/s for live look thru's.

Just to clear something out, did you try (the basics I too sometimes forget);

1. Cleared cache "totally" (repeated Ctrl+f5 - sometimes 3rd times a charm) on your working browser before viewing in IE (or other). There were times i have to clear browser cache manually (esp. with chrome) but turning on (both) dev. mode in > cache settings, it seldom happens.

2. If you've worked on Global Area, good to check Dashboard > Stacks > Global_Area_Name > if not approve - click approve (I always forget about this too!)

3. Your stylesheet for the effected area/s used, which may make IE not to behave (possible).

4. When adding additional wrapper div for the entire page (as required by c5 dev's, after <body> tag and before ending </body>), I tend to target with id="unique_character" and on my stylesheet (which area/s needs loads of customization) use the specified id tag (incl. children classes). A bit of work though, but helps get the job done.

Once or twice I've encountered this issue, especially with RWD frameworks with c5 while viewing in IE, but when I cleared IE cache a few times, just made the browser to behave (I still wonder why?)

Anyway just my 2 cents, dropped by while finding my way thru some new codes/ideas for upcoming design dev's. Hoped it worked though.
mburrichter replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Irsah,
Thanks for your reply.
I'm very new to this stuff, my previous page was just plain HTML/css and I wanted to try some CMS to make my life easier on updates. When Drupal did not work for me I tried to use C5, so far so good, until I tried to view the result as an unregisterred user.
The clearing of the cache (3 or 4 times) did indeed do the trick on my header logo.
Regarding the menu bar and search box I still have no solution the areas are approved.
But I will go through my css once more, because my guess is it has to be there (in conjuntion with C5).
Thanks again, and more tiips are always welcome for a new guy like me ;-)

irsah replied on at Permalink Reply
Glad to assist.

Hmmmmm I thought so. Well, glad concrete5 made your life easier as it made ours. Everyday it's always a learning process.

BTW... good move hoping on board.

p/s: Dropped by your dev site, nice layout. Apart from the #footer, I think it's a great start.
mburrichter replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes I'm on board. I really like the product I just have to work on my learning curve.
Any suggestions on the #footer?
irsah replied on at Permalink Reply
I think this is the code for your footer wrapper, a bit restricted as I only have access with firebug lite (boohoo);

<div id="footer-wrapper">
    <div id="footer-content">
    <div id=" footer-tags">

Probably wrap the bg image with outer div's, change the the background-position property value to " top center "(or which ever required) -http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_background-position.asp...

<div id="footer-wrapper">
    <div id="footer-bg">
       <!---- Your Code and additional div's--->

Which means the inner div's holding the bg-image, whilst the outer div's holding on the page structure. I think you get the idea.

And if I'm not mistaken, the outer div will have a position:relative to make the bg-position to work. Might be wrong but it's somewhere around there.
Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Could you provide the url so we can have a look.
mburrichter replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure, be my guest: