How customize look of dashboard page?

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I'm newbie into Concrete, i want to develop one add-one and want custom page look of dashboard, kindly please suggest

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
The dashboard css files are located in the concrete/css folder but I wouldn't change them there. Add the new dashboard styles to your themes css instead.

So if you wanted to make the text larger on the menu you would add

.ccm-ui a {
font-size: 30px;

to your themes css, and of course I wouldn't bump up the text size just using that for an example. I would add them at the bottom and I would include a <----Dash Styles----> reminder.

Also make sure to make a theme copy and move it up a level so that you don't upgrade and copy over your changes.
siddhapura replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for reply @Ekko

Can you please guide me how to load CSS/JS for add-on to all single pages of dashboard inside my add-on?
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
Ive never done it so this is just a guess,

You could include a js folder in your add on and stick the js files you want to call there, youraddon/js. For the css you could do the same and include a css folder sticking your optionsstuff.css in there, youraddon/css, add a div wrap like #optionsstuff to your single pages and prepend all your dashboard custom styles like this #optionsstuff table.entry-form {

Again just a guess. Hopefully someone that knows better than I will come along shortly.
siddhapura replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for you reply...

I really appreciated your great help.