Made a Dreamweaver Snippets Extension

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Hey guys,

I made a Dreamweaver Extension contains Snippets.

Snippets is, for those who dont know, the sets of pre-written codes in Dreamweaver....

You need to use Extension Manager to install this extension.

Once you install this extension, you will see "concrete5" folder appear on your Snippets window.

And check what I came up with.

00.Simple - Copy and Paste of default theme
01.Header - Header elements
02.Area - Area stuff
03.Footer - Footer elements
04.IncludeFile - insert include code
05.SpecialTag - indivisual tag such as username and stuff

I number these snipetts.. pretty much from my own custom theme creation background....

I know I forgot to include getThemePath().. and other stuff...

Now I'm going to start working on a basic CSS.

Anyway... if you have any other suggestion... please let me know...

Added on Aug 25th
Download page and screencast is now available at

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c5mix replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for this katz!! this is great and will certainly come in handy!
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm open to any suggestion..

Now I'm thinking about creating a folder called "minimum"

Which contains... very minimum codes that needs to be included in Themes.


Also... I start thinking... what kind of CSS elements I should include under "CSS" section...

All basic typography.css elements for TinyMCE


Something like that....

bcarone replied on at Permalink Reply
Katz thanks a lot. You have just made my world a little easier.

Great Job
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
OK. I've added more strings to the extension.

00.Default - just simple copy and paste from Plain Yougurt
00.StepByStep - 8 minimum steps to convert your theme into concrete5 theme
01.Header - All header elements
02.Area - All default Area elements
03.Footer - All default footer elements
04.CSS - All CSS Default Properties
--- Blocks - CSS to change the look of each blocks
some blocks needs to keep the ugly !important properties to make them work
---main.css - minimum CSS properties that you may want to include in main.css
---typography - you need to have it for TinyMCE content block. I made presets and blank version
05.IncludeFile - if you want to share header and footer area having different files
06.Path - it prints out the correct path
07.SpecialTag - some [if] stuff
08.Time - it will print out current date and time in different formats

Unless you guys have something else in your mind, I'm planning to make this as final version of 5.3.2.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
I still have to make a screencast how to use it.

But here is the download page
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
I just made a 10min screencast how to use concrete5 theme snippets Dreamweaver extension.

thewebshop replied on at Permalink Reply
Just found this from your YouTube vid - very handy, thanks :-)
SailorMoon replied on at Permalink Reply
I have Dreamweaver CS5.
I have downloaded this snippet, tried to install it and get macromedia extension manager pop up, with only Flash 8 and Fireworks in the drop down. An error message pops up "This extension requires the following products:
dreamweaver MX or greater.
The extension will not be installed.

Is there a way to install without using the extension manager?
primewaydesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I just discovered this wonderful extension.

Thank you very much.

Its really helpful.
nickratering replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a very great extension!! Thnx!!
It would be nice to add some 5.6 features, like a globalArea or a stack.

Added some myself, on a mac, find:
/username/application support/Adobe/Dreamweaver/en_US/snippets/concrete5/

Best regards,
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Leaving the latest info in this thread.

I've uploaded the code onto GitHub, so that everybody can send me a pull request to fix them up