"Themes Available to Install" - No Name & No Description - NEWBIE

I've been trying to follow the tutorial regarding adding a theme (from marketplace) and renaming for customising.

So far I have:
- copied the theme folder to the root>themes folder
- changed the folder title
- changed the description.txt file ( I even made sure the title was exactly the same as the folder title)
- turned on Advanced Settings (although I'm the administrator)
- tried a second theme, just in case I was going mad

I got the same result.
The themes are listed ready to install, but have no name, no description, a blank thumbnail and can't seem to make any other connection with the theme, even though I have changed nothing else.

I am operating with MAMP.
I am not a developer and have run out of magic tricks.
I assume it has something to do with file threads. I've attached a copy of my Finder thread in the hope this may help you.



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Mort replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Bit embarrassing after hours of going insane, you work out the answer 30 seconds after posting on the forum. Anyway, here's what I found out. Nothing special, but just clarifying.

Look CAREFULLY at the folder names within the theme.
You DON'T want the package folder titled 'theme_theme_name'.
You want the folder UNDER that, simple titled 'theme_name'.

Small point but it nearly sent me to therapy.

I hope I can save others from the same fate
maschuld replied on at Permalink Reply
whew, I was just making my noose to end it when I found your post. Same issue here. Thanks for the post!
Yola replied on at Permalink Reply
It may be almost 2 yrs ago since you wrote this but: it saved this my Sunday! Thanx a million for posting.