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I am working on our Church website and I am currently using the Yosemite theme. it fits what we are looking for, however, the header links is bleeding into the header Image, how do I fix this? We would prefer "Search" to be next to "Life Recovery" on the same line rather than "bleeding into the header image area, that we will use for Slideshows. Thanks.
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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
The nav items are too wide to hold all the links you have at the top level. The width of the nav items are set at 130px wide and the background image for the nav links is an image which is also 130px wide so in order to make them narrower you need to do 2 things. First, change the width of the menu items near line 168 on style.css and then you will need to re-size the background image to the same narrower width. The image you need to resize is 'img02.gif', which is in the 'images' folder in your theme folder.

You can play around with the css by right-clicking on the nav and choosing 'Inspect Element'. You can then change the css rules to find out what rules affect the element you're interested in and what line you need to change in the real css file to make things more permanent.
1PLM replied on at Permalink Reply
Mhawke Thanks and Much Respect for the fast response.I salute!