Editing (v7+)

adding fonts

How in heavens name to you add fonts to concrete5? The version I'm on is 8.5.5. I've looked at all the instructions I have found so far and nothing seems to work. It should not be this hard to add your own fonts!

Page Compose Interface

When I try and get to the page compose interface, the main screen goes grey and I can Discard Draft, Save and Exit, Edit Mode or Publish page, but I cannot gice the page a name or location. What have I missed?

Not saving content if applied styles to the text content

Hello I'm a newbie here. I'm encountering problem wherein if the content has styles it doesn't save, for example: [code] test [/code] it works but when styled [code] test [/code] it produces an error [code] "An unexpected error occurred. Unable …


Captcha is correctly installed but l constantly get this error. How do I fix this? Apr 4, 2021, 9:01:05 PM Application Guest HWreCAPTCHA captcha blocked as score returned () is below the threshold set (0.5) array ( 'Question2' => '***', 'Question3' =…

Editing HEAD tag

Hey, sorry if this is a rookie question, but I've got a little snippet of code that I want to add to my site's section, but I can't find it anywhere! My thoughts are that I should be able to open my index.php file and there I would find the tags but …

C5 freezing

I have a site on 8.5.5 and when I go to Dashboard->System&Settings->Basics->Rich Text Editor under Editor Plugins is a long list of check boxes and a preview showing how my changes will affect the look of the editor. If I check the box next to Add And …

run some Js to make a word count

I'm using concrete5 to host my book of short stories at http://fabs.eaware.ca It would sure be nice to be able to run a little Js when the page is loaded to show how many words I have in my document. This is a big deal for us writers. The text is in one …

9.0.0 - Multisite with different Header Logo.

Hello, Is it possible to have a different logo for each site? Right now in the global header title area, if I add an image, it gets added to all other sites. We are a school district and we are looking to build over 70 sites under 1 concrete install…

Can`t move blocks after update from 8.5.4 to 8.5.5

Hi, after I did an update from 8.5.4 to 8.5.5 I can`t move any block up or down. This is not funny. Does anyone else have this problem? Should I go back to the previous version or wait for a fix? Thanks.

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