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i have installed concrete 5 and converted an existing HTML theme. This theme has a detailed css but none of the backgrounds or headers seem to have a z-index applied how ever when i log-on to concrete 5 the edit bar creates the area at the top but it seems that it is hidden by the background colour and i was wanting to know if anyone new how to bring the edit bar to the front through a concrete5 command so future themes with the same issue can be fixed in the same way.

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jwik replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm having this exact same problem and I've been working on fixing it for hours.

I've read through several threads are tried every suggestion to no avail.

The only thing I did before this occurred was upgrade to the current c5 and install a new theme. I had been putting off the c5 install but I thought I'd do it because of the new theme, but I cannot edit my home page now (and it has text over a background image thus making it relatively illegible)

I also tried reverting to my previous theme, and tried another theme as well. In all instances my edit button on the home page is missing, though the space where it usually is shows a white bar.

When I go to my other pages I can edit those, but I cannot edit the home page.

I'm convinced this is the upgrade's fault and I wish I hadn't done it...

I would love a solution to this problem - if any one has suggestions I'd really appreciate them.
jwik replied on at Permalink Reply
I tried some of the default themes and the edit bar DOES appear when those are activated on my site, but in all three purchased themes it does not appear.

I have no idea what would cause this but some of you experts out there might have some thoughts...
jwik replied on at Permalink Reply

I noticed one of the add-ons I was using did not appear on the purchased themes, but it did appear on the default themes.

I deleted the add-on and I now have the edit button on my home page!

If I had know it was so easy I'd have done it sooner! ;)

* I hope a similar fix works for you maxxeweb - if not I wish you luck!
maxxeweb replied on at Permalink Reply
hi all have fixed my issue it was that i did not include ......

<?php Loader::element('footer_required'); ?>

just before the </body> at the end of each page, should have known better as just need to close off etc.