Canonical URL without redirect

Hello Team,

We are facing issues with our Alias domain having been indexed on Google and would like to remove it from Google searches as quickly as possible.

Our main domain is available for the public. Since our site uses Cloudflare and Ezoic, we use an alias domain to make site edits without conflict with Cloudflare and Ezoic caching. Our alias site is only supposed to be available for our development team to make edits. Being it is an alias domain, it has the same root directory and code as our Main site, except it does not serve Ezoic ads.

So I tried to use the canonical link in concrete5, but then I am not able to log in using alias domain as it redirects back to the main domain. So is there any option where I can add a canonical link for the site but it does not redirect and just indicates to google that the preferred link for the content is the main domain?

Thank You ! :)

JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Put an apache login/authentication on the alias, so it can't be indexed or used by anyone outside your team.
Robert787 replied on at Permalink Reply
Canonical URLs are used when you would otherwise have different URLs that point to the same content without actually redirecting. So let's say your domain is; and are two different URLs, and if you don't redirect them to a standard (canonical) URL (for instance,, search engines treat the two URLs as completely different pages. This causes the link popularity of the two URLs to be split, which is obviously very bad for SEO.